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When you think of phone chat and dating services you think of having to pull out your credit card and pay for the privilage of talking and getting to meet other people. All of that has changed recently with the introduction of a free chat phone dating service. The amazing part of all this is that you can call this number, meet tons of great men and women and its all totally free. I couldn't believe it at first, but one call to the site and I was totally hooked. After using the free chat for a couple week I had met several women, of which 3 I went on dates with in person and out of those one turned out to become my girlfriend over the past couple months and its been fantastic - haven't been happier. So my advice to you is to give that number above a call and try this thing out. You won't have to give any credit card details or anything like that - just call and start talking within minutes. I couldn't believe it - but you'll just have to trust me, there are so many singles on that thing it is almost hard to figure out where to start and who to talk to first!!! So give it a call, have fun, and you can thank me later!

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Edward Walker writes for the Singles Chat web site on a freelance basis. His years of chat service advice and free chat knowledge has been a true asset to our web site over the years.

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